Introducing Tetra:
Collaborate to get things done

When it comes to team collaboration and getting things done, you can consult several people or read several books, but still you may have no idea or cluse as to how to proceed or you can smartly keep things online in “one place”and get out of people’s own way so that things get done

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About Tetra​

Tetra is that one place where your team converges toabout accomplish things but also to address unaccomplished things in the most collaborative way. Certain things get neglected and thus gets delayed, but with Tetra, you are in full control of all things. It is not only a workplace collaboration suite but also a project management suite of getting things done. Thus it combines the power of collaboration towards completion.

What Tetra Does

Team Space

Team Space

A digital space where group of people can share data and communicate with each other to accomplish thinkgs



Users can search threads for pulling out relevant information when needed. Keyword search helps in narrowing results for quick reference


Team Threads

All collaboraiton in Tetra happens through threads. Threads are akin to focussed discussion communication rooms


Auto Threads

Tetra's most powerful feature of auto thread creation with relevant stakeholder users when things are not getting done, to get things done


Instant Messaging

Users can chat privately between two of them or chat in group or include new members in a thread as needed. It is a great quick communication method

One Place

One Place

Tetra becoms that one place for users to look for trending works to do, collaborate, learn, advise, participate, focus on things that are becoming urgent and important etc.,

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